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My Mission

“My mission is to give every singer confidence in his/her voice, whether it be to sing on stage at school, karaoke at a party or professionally on Broadway. Singing is an art form that encompasses all forms of expression. We don't just use our voices to sing. We use our bodies, minds and souls. I teach so that I can give this complete experience to my students and foster a love of singing that will benefit and last a lifetime.” ~Danielle Valdes


Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

WHAT IS THE AGE RANGE OF YOUR STUDENTS? Currently, my youngest students are between the ages of 7-10. The majority of my students (I have a total of about 30), are in High School and Middle School, and I have a few adults whom I coach from time to time. So you see, I teach all ages. With the younger singers, I tend to focus more on the play-acting aspect of singing and how to breathe correctly rather than the development of their voices. We don't get too technical until they have reached puberty and their…

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