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My Mission

“My mission is to give every singer confidence in his/her voice, whether it be to sing on stage at school, karaoke at a party or professionally on Broadway. Singing is an art form that encompasses all forms of expression. We don't just use our voices to sing. We use our bodies, minds and souls. I teach so that I can give this complete experience to my students and foster a love of singing that will benefit and last a lifetime.” ~Danielle Valdes


"Life is a Cabaret- The DVD"

The long-awaited DVD is now ready for shipping. It features solo performances from some of Danielle's most talented students as well as Danielle singing a song from the musical "Nine". The theme for the recital this past year was "Cabaret". All singers chose to sing in many different styles: Broadway, Pop, Rock... making it a very enjoyable recital for all. DVDs are $15.00 ea. If you would like an additional copy of just your performance add $2.00. Call (914) 646-9444 to order. Thanks!

"An Evening of Song" -May, 2008

The 5th Annual Voice Lessons, Plus... Recital entitled "An Evening of Song" is now available on DVD! Listen to some of Danielle's best students sing everything from Missy Higgins to Bon Jovi! Also included is Autumn Victoria's First Live Performance (other than in her Living Room), and Danielle singing to her daughter. DVDs are $20 for the entire recital $10 for just one performance Call (914) 646-9444 to order now!