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WHO/WHAT DO I TEACH? I try to have a lot of fun during my voice lessons, and I teach in many different vocal styles, according to the interests of my students. There are those who really want to learn how to read music and sing opera in a different language, others who are professional, some who need to prepare for auditions, and others who aren't thinking of a career as a singer, but who still love to sing and want to strengthen their voice correctly without misusing their instrument.

WHAT HAPPENS DURING A VOICE LESSON WITH ME? Regardless of what genre of music you sing, we always start off each lesson with a physical warm-up which consists of Yoga stretches and breathing exercises, as we listen to relaxing music. This helps to relax and loosen muscles. Nothing should be too tense when you sing! Then we move on to vocal-warm-ups and exercises, and end with the particular song we're working on. I stress the importance of breathing correctly, and the fact that taking voice lessons is just like taking piano or any other musical instrument: it requires practice to get results! I teach students at my home, but I may be able to come to you which makes it convenient for most families. 

WHAT IS THE AGE RANGE OF YOUR STUDENTS? Currently, my youngest students are between the ages of 7-10. The majority of my students (I have a total of about 30), are in High School and Middle School, and I have a few adults whom I coach from time to time. So you see, I teach all ages. With the younger singers, I tend to focus more on the play-acting aspect of singing and how to breathe correctly rather than the development of their voices. We don't get too technical until they have reached puberty and their larynxes are fully developed.

DO I NEED TO PREPARE FOR MY LESSONS? You or your child should have a folder or binder in which to keep your/his/her music; and a recording device of some kind (i.e. cell phone i-pod, blackberry, i-phone, Digital recorder...) on which to record your lessons so that you/he/she may practice. Keeping a glass of room-temperature water handy is also ideal.

WILL I EVER SING IN FRONT OF ANYONE ELSE, BESIDES YOU? In June 2003, I began having an "End of the Voice Lessons Year" Recital for those of my students who want to gain experience singing in public. It is not mandatory, but since singing is one of the Performing Arts, I highly encourage it. I am also a vocal coach for Emerging Artists Recording Studio in Fairfield, CT, and have also worked with Power Play Sound in Hartsdale, NY. I have brought several of my students there to record their demo CDs for college applications; professional work or for fun! We recorded a Voice Lessons, Plus... CD, entitled "In the Mix". It includes twelve of my students singing their favorite songs!

HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST? Please inquire by e-mail:



If you are unable to have a lesson, I need to have at least 24 hour's notice, and then we can certainly schedule a make-up. Without this notice, the lesson is lost. If, however, I cannot teach a lesson, I will definitely schedule a make-up, or extend your payment period an extra week. Canceling due to inclement weather is completely understandable and does not require a day's notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

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My Mission

“My mission is to give every singer confidence in his/her voice, whether it be to sing on stage at school, karaoke at a party or professionally on Broadway. Singing is an art form that encompasses all forms of expression. We don't just use our voices to sing. We use our bodies, minds and souls. I teach so that I can give this complete experience to my students and foster a love of singing that will benefit and last a lifetime.” ~Danielle Valdes