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Cindy Hadjidion- dancer, choreographer, Zumba and Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cindy-Hadjidion-Dance-teacherChoreographer-Zumba-Instructor/160496774086653


The Random Farms Kids Theatre

Producer, Anya Wallach, is at the head of this wonderful theatre group for kids, teens and those who are college-age. They now have their own Performing Arts Center in Elmsford, NY. Definitely click on the bold name above for lots more info!

Above in bold is a link to monologue website. They are original and very inexpensive. Ready monologue is $7 (she can do an adjustment (shorten it if you need, free of charge)), custom one that she writes for you, is $25.

youtube- CONCORD RESORT HOTEL ~1990's
This is a clip of me singing (4:33 into the video), when I used to sing with my father's Big Band at the Concord Resort Hotel. You can also hear me singing in the background during the following conversation... I have wonderful memories of this place. It's how I got my start as a professional singer! (Click on bold link)

Talent Hunter
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Light House Youth Theatre
The Lighthouse Youth Arts Center (LYAC) bringing professional arts education to the school aged children of Westchester, Connecticut and New York City. Our mission at LYAC is to provide the highest quality arts education to the youth of Westchester County and beyond for the purposes of improving self-esteem, building self-confidence, and empowering well-rounded, expressive individuals. The Lighthouse Youth Theatre was founded by Artistic Director John Fanelli in 2006. LYT produces three major Mainstage productions during the school year as well as three sessions of Summer Camp, each producing a different musical, in New York and Connecticut. Highest quality student productions performed at professional venues: Westchester Broadway Theatre JCC of Pleasantville Ridgefield Playhouse (Ct.) The Youth Arts Center, our 6000 square foot studio space was opened in Thornwood to provide a gathering place for the growing number of talented young people to explore their artistic abilities. The Youth Arts Center was conceived and developed to offer all facets of Arts Education at an affordable price.

Croton Teen Theatre

My Mission

“My mission is to give every singer confidence in his/her voice, whether it be to sing on stage at school, karaoke at a party or professionally on Broadway. Singing is an art form that encompasses all forms of expression. We don't just use our voices to sing. We use our bodies, minds and souls. I teach so that I can give this complete experience to my students and foster a love of singing that will benefit and last a lifetime.” ~Danielle Valdes